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Cyrillic Type Design Workshop


Interested at trying your hand at some Cyrillic type design? Want to understand better the history and way of writing the fourth most used alphabet in the world? Need some first hand, highly personalized first-hand advise and instruction from a talented native Cyrillic designer?

Next weekend, April 20 & 21st, Alexei Vanyashin will present an intensive 2 day workshop on Cyrillic type design here in Berlin. At only €90 for the two days, the workshop is a real bargain. But space is limited to only 8 people, so good luck getting a spot!

Learn more about the workshop & register at Gidsy

Interested in Designing Cyrillic?

Irina Smirnova (Paratype veteran & KABK graduate, now type designer & Cyrillic type consultant) is considering coming to show us Berliners how to design proper Cyrillic letters. Last year, she gave two similar workshops in Barcelona and The Hague.

The workshop dates and times are not yet fixed… but, it would most likely be a 3 day program with 4 hours each day – possibly mid to late February. This would allow time to design much of a basic Cyrillic character set with proper supervision. 

She’s looking for 8-12 people and there are at least 5-6 tentatively interested… So if you think this might be for you, just send a quick message either to Irina directly or to us and we’ll pass it along. 

Check out Irina’s work and get to know her a bit better!