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Calligraphy Workshop on English Copperplate Script

Held on Saturday, January 26th at ESDIP, this class is orientated to beginners, but it is open to everyone and anyone interested in improving their handwriting skills and calligraphy.

English Copperplate is a calligraphy script whose style was developed in the 19th century and it’s very well known for it’s simple elegance, thin loops and quick strokes. We will start to write our first good “A” to “Z”, with 95% of class dedicated to practice and 5% to theory, 6 hours of fun learning calligraphy.
The workshop will be entirely in english and part of the calligraphy tools are included on the price, just bring a pencil, eraser and a long ruler.
About the referent
Giuseppe Salerno is an Italian graphic designer and calligrapher, teaching calligraphy in Valencia, Spain. Berlin is his new home after working and living for years in Madrid and Valencia, Spain. He has been focused on calligraphy and creating hand-written fonts for the past several years and loves to bring this passion to anyone who has always wanted to draw letters, but never knew how. You can check out some of his work here.
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